Service management and project services

Customer-centric service management

Our trained and experienced experts are responsible for the operation in accordance with the objectives, from projects to services and, if necessary, to the entire information management system. The value we generate helps to anticipate the decisions necessary for operations, to implement development work and changes in a controlled manner, and to understand the current state of IT and future opportunities for the best of the company’s operations.

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Service Manager Service

The service manager adds value by taking care of the Customer’s service package, its interoperability and ensuring that the Customer’s services are sufficiently resourced and the quality of the service is in accordance with the agreement. The work of a service manager is guided by a strong understanding of the customer’s business and its requirements for ICT.

Data management service

Our IT management professionals have extensive experience in managing the service packages of various companies for decades. We help to structure services, for example, in accordance with the ITIL framework, emphasizing the usability of services and everyday functionality. Our information management service experts help to make a longer-term service development plan and take care of their implementation, taking into account changing situations.

Project services

Information management and project management are a key part of the collaboration. Netox experts working on projects are project experts or managers with internationally recognized training and certification.

Managed processes and trained people ensure the best possible outcome in the development of the customer’s business, in the overall management of the IT environment, and in keeping projects completed, on schedule and on budget.

Data protection service

With the help of the data protection service, the Customer has access to a designated data protection expert to be responsible for the data protection work. A designated data protection expert will guide the data protection work and assist in meeting the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation in practice. The service helps the Customer to meet the requirements of the EU data protection regulation. There is a requirement to show proof in data protection law. The organization must be able to demonstrate how they, as controllers, protect the data of data subjects. The organization shall record and take action to ensure compliance with the demonstration requirements.

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We discuss and evaluate with you what managed services would benefit you the most.

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