Netox Security Assurance

Reliability and security for information systems

Netox is an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company specializing in cybersecurity and software engineering, providing security architecture security reviews and security testing at various levels of software development and IT infrastructure.

We enable a wide range of services, including in the area of continuous services and we offer additional visibility for the development of software security in Finnish organizations.

CUBE Security

Cyber Security CUBE is a cloud-based information security management tool and SaaS service that brings transparency to ensuring cyber security in companies, organizations and beyond.

The service brings your organization’s IT, security and software development teams to the same table, increasing the transparency of the organization’s information security work.

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Netox Security Assurance

We offer:

  • Penetration testing For IT infrastructure, online services or even mobile applications.
  • Ensuring the security of information systems and IoT solutions: Assessments of secure software development, in-depth workshops on administrative and technical information security.


Penetration testing

Assessment, testing and certification. Ethical hacking service for assessing and testing the current level of security of either information systems or IT infrastructures.

  • Assessment, testing and certification
  • App security testing
  • IT-infrastructure security testing
  • CyberSafe certification
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Cybersecurity snapshot for companies and organizations

  • NTXSURVEY — a business risk-focused overview of the company’s IT environment, information management, and essential security mechanisms from both an administrative and technical perspective.
  • NTXSWEEP — compliance assessment of administrative and technical cyber security against the chosen framework, e.g. CyberSafe, ISO 27001, KATAKRI, NIST, OWASP ASVS ja GDPR.
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