Network services

Managed Computer Network Services to support your business

With our specialists and leading technology partners, we can implement, manage and monitor your businesses network services ensuring their continuity.

Network services ensure the continuity of your business. The service provides the customer with individually tailored network solutions. This includes, for example, ensuring the continuity of data networks, local area network solutions, network architecture plans, procurement of network equipment, extensive data network solutions.

Network Services include firewalls, LAN switches, wireless access points, LAN-LAN VPN, Remote Access VPN or application solutions that enable centralised security policies and security management.

We have accomplished e.g.

Company network architecture designs

Local area network solutions: LAN, WLAN and also VPN

WAN solutions: Design, implementation and optimization including SDWAN

Network control and monitoring solutions.

Network device lifecycle management including sourcing, control and monitoring

Individually customized and executed solutions ensure Network Services for all needs.

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