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Netox Trust makes comprehensive cybersecurity easy

The increasing demands on cybersecurity require a comprehensive service

Thanks to digitalization, businesses are increasingly moving their operations to online spaces. The vast spectrum of business functions increases the amount of sectors that are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Keeping your business safe from the growing cyber threat requires a flexible and versatile service package.

The evolving operating environment and increasingly complex regulations bring new perspectives to cybersecurity:

Cyberattacks are becoming more common and more organized

Globally, cyberattacks happen almost every second. More than half of them target small and medium-sized enterprises. These increasingly professional attacks may gather data from multiple different sources without an apparent main target, which makes the attacks more difficult to detect and prevent. That is why an organization may be in danger even if there is nothing of obvious value to take.

Managing service packages

An effective and comprehensive cybersecurity solution is made up of multiple components that need to work together seamlessly. Managing and maintaining the necessary services and software requires expert skills and an up-to-date understanding of the field of cybersecurity.

Responsibility questions are difficult to grasp

Does your organization have a clear understanding of whose responsibility it is to take care of cybersecurity? Are the organization’s skills and understanding of cybersecurity at the level required by the law and the organization itself?

Comprehensive cybersecurity with Netox Trust

Our answer to the complex and organized cyber threats is Netox Trust, a service that adapts flexibly to changing needs and suits organizations of all sizes.

Netox Trust uses AI and machine learning and integrates cyber threat intelligence, data protection services and preventive technologies and processes to the customer’s network and cloud infrastructure. With Netox Trust, you simultaneously reap the benefits of leading technologies and the services of our skilled experts. As a result, your organization is able to detect and ward off threats in a comprehensive way that suits your needs.

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3 service tiers to help you find the right cybersecurity package for your organization

Netox Trust is available at three different tiers that ensure your organization gets all the right features for your needs.



Basic: The Basic tier includes log management and visualization. We gather data from different log sources, such as servers, networking hardware, workstations, software, users, cloud and SaaS services and various security products.


Standard: With the Standard tier, a SIEM system gathers data around the clock. Our SOC service oversees the alerts created based on the data and responds to them within the set timeframe. We also identify and fix your organization’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


Premium: The Premium service includes all Netox Trust features and surveillance at all levels. Our SOC service monitors the alerts created based on the data and responds to them. In the event of a serious cybersecurity breach, our CIRT service will identify the source, implement the required fixes and normalize operation. With Netox Trust Premium, the management of vulnerabilities is constant.

Integrating cybersecurity services guarantees a seamless experience

Netox Trust is built around a SIEM system (Security Incident and Event Management). With the SIEM system, we collect cybersecurity data from log sources defined with the customer and manage cybersecurity events around the clock. The SOC service (Security Operations Center) utilizes data from the SIEM system to surveil your ICT environment. Our SOC team analyses alerts using pre-set rules and AI and responds to anomalies as necessary.


Netox Trust can be supplemented to suit your organization’s needs with the following services

Vulnerability management: We identify, assess and report on the vulnerabilities of your systems.

CIRTCritical Incident Response Team: Our team ensures the smooth running of your business by finding out the cause of the attack and solving any technical issues caused by it.

Advanced web analytics: We improve the visibility into your organization’s web traffic threats by modeling normal business operations.

Network access management: We automate your network access management based on a network service current state analysis.

DNS security: We stop threats before they reach your network or device by identifying and removing harmful DNS queries.

Backup: We ensure the smooth running and legal compliance of your business with systematic backup.

Endpoint Detection and Response: We support mobile work by analyzing the event data of your organization’s devices and responding to anomalies accordingly.

SOAR – Security Orchestration, Automation and Response: We create fast and efficient standards for recurring cybersecurity tasks by combining and analyzing data sources automatically.

Support from consulting services

In addition to Netox Trust, we offer cybersecurity consulting services to cover every facet of your organization’s cybersecurity. Our experts can help with assessing the current state of your cybersecurity and associated risks, making and implementing development plans, employee training or data protection management.

We can also help with the implementation of cybersecurity management systems, such as the ISO 27001 standard, or support you with external cybersecurity requirements and preparing for certification audits.


With Netox Trust, your organization is safe from increasingly complex cyber threats. Your organization’s cybersecurity is under constant surveillance and threats are responded to mostly automatically. You will also get concrete benefits that help your organization thrive on an administrative and on a business level.

Focus on your core business

High-quality cybersecurity services create wellbeing when separate services can be discarded in favor of a versatile service package. Netox Trust is tailored to your organization’s needs and enables you to focus on your strengths instead of wasting time hunting for and managing various bits of cybersecurity or fighting with systems that don’t work. In addition to making your organization more productive, you will decrease the stress levels of your personnel and add to your organization’s wellbeing.

Combine the best systems and expertise

With the combination of Netox Trust and our experts we can implement an efficient, scalable and organized cybersecurity service for any organization. High-quality, up-to-date systems and our decades of experience ensure that both automatic threat prevention and long-term plans are in order.

Better visibility into systems and risks

Every system has its weaknesses. And there are always people who are one step ahead in finding and abusing those weaknesses. Keeping up and ensuring that cybersecurity measures are up to date are a full-time job that requires profound and versatile expertise.

Netox Trust helps you identify the weaknesses in your systems. This will enable you to anticipate risks better and build your organization’s strategy with a full understanding of potential threats.

Detect and fix data breaches early

If a system is breached, it’s crucial to notice the security violation early. The faster it can be fixed, the less damage the breach will cause. With Netox Trust you will detect and locate breaches quickly and minimize their effects on your and your customers’ businesses.


Why Netox

Availability and scalability at the core of cybersecurity services

Our cybersecurity services are available whenever and wherever. Our solutions can be scaled flexibly and quickly to respond to changes both within your organization and the world at large.

International collaboration keeps us at the cutting edge of cybersecurity

We are active in many international cybersecurity development projects. This constant development guarantees that we stay at the cutting edge of current cybersecurity perspectives and are familiar with the latest technologies like machine learning and AI as part of cybersecurity solutions.

Our participation in international, Finnish and EU-level projects helps us to have a deep understanding of legislation and developments in the field of cybersecurity.

Global technology leaders as partners

In addition to the expertise gained from development projects, we trust the high-quality systems offered by the world’s leading technology providers. We are constantly working with the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Cisco. As our customer, you benefit from the know-how and networks of these leading providers.

Certified quality service

Our services have the most important international certificates that speak to the quality of our personnel, processes and solutions. Regular audits ensure that we operate according to the standards:

  • ISO 9001 quality management certificate
  • ISO 27001 information security management certificate
  • 20000-1 IT service management certificate

Our services are compatible with the latest regulations and laws, including GDPR.

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