Cybersecurity services


Our specialists help you to identify crucial factors for your business, detect risks and protect from cyber threats.

We have accomplished i.a.

  • Snapshots of companies’ information security and vulnerability analyses of individual systems.
  • Information security management and control solutions.
  • Readiness assessment for ISO 27000-1 standard.
  • KATAKRI 2015 operation environment.

We build solutions for each company according to size, operation, and needs.

SOC, Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center answers the challenges of the ever-changing and complexifying IT environment. You’ll be granted a real-time view of the state of your company’s information security. Our security team monitors your environment and reacts to each nonconformity, solves the causes and resolves problems.

Anticipation and management of security threats

CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) is the means to manage security. We will provide you a predetermined and regular vulnerability analysis including reports from the network, network devices, and other IT systems. We recognize the vulnerabilities of your IT environment and execute controlled repairing measures before the security risks become real incidents.

Security event monitoring and management

Security event management is a central method of controlling security risks. With this service, we ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information in IT systems monitored by us.

Network monitoring and structure

We will provide you with a secure network environment that is managed and monitored in real-time. The service includes defining and implementing network devices, monitoring, segmentation, and both event and problem management.

Security of the end user device environment

With this service, we’ll secure your end user device environment against security threats. Your devices will be encrypted and protected from advanced malware.

End user security

We’ll protect your business against user’s unintentional or intentional actions against security.

E.g., the service provides safety against forwarding sensitive information.

Risk management

Information security’s base lies in risk management. We follow ISO 27001 information security management system along with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines as we manage your security and it’s risks.

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