Managed cyber security services

Cyber Defence Services (CDS) integrates cyber intelligence, security services, technologies and policies into networks and cloud infrastructures. The level of security and controls are agreed with the customer.

CDS brings together expert monitoring, cloud connectivity and analytics to put security in context. It combines a deep view of day-to-day network behavior with threat intelligence feeds to fulfill real-time security requirements.

SOC, Security Operations Center

SOC, Security Operations Center responds to the challenges of the ever changing and increasingly complex IT environment. Our security team monitors your IT environment and will react to the observed aberrations, finds out their cause and resolves the technical emergencies and problematic situations.

Locating and managing security threats

CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) is a control method of managing cyber security. We provide you a formal and regular vulnerability analysis of the network, network devices and other IT systems. We will locate and identify the vulnerabilities in your IT environment and carry out remedial actions before the security threats turns to breaches.

The control and management of information security events

Security event management is the one of key management method of cyber security-related risks. The service allows us to reinforce the secrecy, confidentiality and integrity of the data within the IT systems under our control.

The structure of the network

We provide you a secure environment which is managed and controlled in real time. The service includes the deployment and specification of the network devices, the control of the network devices, the network segmentation as well as event and problem management.

The information security of the terminal environment

This service helps us to protect your terminal environment against any information security threats. We encrypt your terminal devices and protect them for example against advanced malware.

The end user security

This service helps us to protect your end user environment against cyber security threats. We encrypt your personal computers, mobile devices and protect them for example against advanced malware.

We protect your business against unintended or deliberate cyber security-threatening activities of the users. The service builds security against the loss  of sensitive data, for instance.

Risk management

Cyber security is based on the risk management. We comply with the ISO 27001 information security management system standards as well as the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines while controlling and managing your cyber security and with its related risks.

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