Managed cloud services


One of the upsides of cloud services is it’s capability to scale according to your needs without investing in fixed devices. The strength of Netox Cloud is also it’s extremely high and certified (ISO/IEC 27001 / ISO 20000-1) security level.

Netox Cloud is provided in collaboration with the world’s leading contributors IBM and Cisco and support can be reached 24/7. Our service is completely provided in Finland.

We are also an environmentally responsible service provider and the energy running our data center is completely produced by wind power.

The strategic partnerships ensure that in addition to the services produced in our own data center, we can provide, e.g., Microsoft Azure.

1. Private cloud service

A private cloud service is the right choice when you need exceptionally high level of security and if you want to be independent of shared communication in the data centre. A private cloud service is a server and storage environment specifically tailored to your needs, provided to you as a managed comprehensive service. Experienced specialists appointed to work with your company’s business and private cloud environment will be in charge of the implementation and management.

2. Shared cloud service

A shared cloud service is the right choice for scalability, high cyber security and the cost benefits of a shared environment. The same cloud platform provides capacity for multiple clients, but each client’s environments have been carefully separated. Experienced specialists are in charge of the implementation and management of the shared cloud environment, to the agreed extent.

3. Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud constitutes a seamless set of different cloud services. It enables to combine the best features of the client’s own environment, the provider’s cloud services and a public cloud in an efficient and managed comprehensive solution. The flexible capacity of public cloud services, such as Amazon or Azure, can be used for any unexpected or temporary needs like projects, testing and development projects and overload needs.

4. Office365 service

The Office365 service provides you with traditional Microsoft tools as a managed set that can be implemented easily. Our experienced specialists are responsible for the implementation, management and optimization of the Office365 service. Our quick and friendly service desk will help you in case of any issues using office tools. There are many useful additional services for communication and file sharing available with the Office365 service packs. You may also want to set up a customised data back-up and encrypted e-mail service.

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