End user services

Even the most difficult problems are solved fast and reliably by our experienced professionals at any time of the day – with a single contact

Our customers have valued the quality of our service very high (4,75/5) and as additional recognition, we won the Service Desk of the Year 2019 contest.
End user services include:

  • Service Desk
  • On-site service
  • Lifecycle management for devices and software
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What do end user services include?

When the situation requires, the experts of the local support service help and support on site at the agreed times and serve according to the customer’s needs in all problem situations throughout the entire IT service, from telecommunications to mobile device operator guidance. Local support services are available nationwide within 4 hour response time.

Our principal is that all you need is a single contact to reach both expertise and know-how. We can be contacted via email, phone or chat. Our friendly and service-oriented specialists will help you quickly. Our specialists are experienced multi-talents who have a wide range of experience of different environments, systems, and support situations. With this ensemble, you’ll ensure the fluency of the daily work.

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