Devices and licenses

reliability to your office with devices and licenses that are suited for your needs and are competitive in the market

The acquisition of devices and licenses doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Our specialists make sure that all devices and licenses needed, are purchased with competitive prices – fast.

Netox laitteet ja lisenssit ikoni

Licenses always up to date and available

We provide devices from all manufacturers and with our specialists, it is possible to plan standardized environments in which costs, features, and the customer’s needs are met.

Getting suitable licenses shouldn’t be complicated or, needless to say, expensive. With our help, you can make sure that you won’t pay from unnecessary licenses. We’ll also make sure that licenses are up to date and available. Our strategic partnerships ensure that we can provide licenses at a reasonable price, such as for Microsoft Office 365.

We’ll take care of the competitive bidding, acquisition, and logistics for both your devices and licenses. We also take care of the lifecycle, if needed, to ensure that you always have the latest updates as well as functional tools and equipment.

Netox laitteet ja lisenssit ikoni

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