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Netox’s expert and holistic cyber security services help ensure the continuity of your business in every situation. At the same time, you make cybersecurity a natural part of your business’s competitiveness.


Cyber security requirements are growing rapidly

Acquiring cyber security services to protect your business is more important than ever as digitalisation progresses. The companies’ core businesses are constantly connected to the network, which increases the number of areas to be secured. Fortunately, cyber security has also diversified and is responding to threats from more and more directions.

The changing operating environment and complex regulations call for new perspectives on cyber security:

Number of cyber attacks

Globally, cyber attacks occur almost every second. More than half of them are targeted at SMEs. It is likely that at some point the attack will also target the organization you represent.


More and more devices are connected to the network, which increases the number of possible attack directions. A home appliance or aquarium sensor can cause a vulnerability in the system that puts the entire organization at risk.

The basic nature of the attacks

The attacks are not only made with the exact target in mind, but are targeted at a large mass of companies. The motive may not be a direct economic benefit, but it may also be a temptation or a need to construct relevant information from separate pieces of information to achieve the ultimate goal. Therefore, an organization may be at risk even if there is nothing seemingly valuable to steal.

Liability issues

Is there clarity in the organization about who is responsible for cyber security issues? Are the organization’s capabilities and understanding of cybersecurity at the level required by law?

How does high-quality cyber security benefit you?

When you outsource your cybersecurity to a knowledgeable and reliable expert, you can focus on your core business with peace of mind. Your organization’s cybersecurity is constantly monitored and responses to threats are largely automated. At the same time, you get tangible benefits that help your business at both the administrative and business levels.

Smarter users

A cybersecurity solution tailored to your needs creates cyber wellness. A cyber-prosperous organization is able to understand and influence security issues and digital trust, both technically and personally.
In this way, the chain of employees’ ability and training in technical systems becomes transparent and built into a seamless whole. When each of your employees knows exactly their own role and impact as a whole, cybersecurity truly becomes part of a company’s ongoing development.

Better transparency on systems and risks

Each system has its own weaknesses. Vulnerabilities also always have their own exploiters, who are often one step ahead in finding vulnerabilities. Keeping up with and keeping cyber security up to date is a full-time job that requires in-depth and diverse professionalism.

Detect intrusions on time

If a system gets breached, it is paramount to detect the incident in a timely manner. The sooner the matter can be remedied, the less damage will be caused by the burglary.

Our experts quickly detect and locate burglary, minimizing the impact on your business.

Faster recovery from disruption

An attack on a system can cause it to crash. To avoid business disruptions, a company must have visibility into the business impact of different systems and a contingency plan.

We take care of backing up your systems and files and make a plan for backup systems that allow your business to continue seamlessly in the event of a disruption.

Minimize inconvenience to customers and other stakeholders

In the context of data breaches, it is important to be aware of both the harm caused by the data leakage itself and the importance of high-quality communication. What is the harm and how can it be minimized? Are there any regulatory obligations in reporting this?

An essential part of our cyber security services is to minimize the damage caused by data breaches: for example, leaked data causes as little resentment and business harm as possible. We also minimize the damage to the reputation of a company that has been the subject of a data breach, when the matter can be communicated correctly and accurately in the appropriate situation.


Availability and scalability at the heart of cybersecurity services

We are actively involved in the international development of cybersecurity in several projects. Continuous improvement ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of current aspects of cybersecurity and have an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, such as machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence as part of a functioning entity.

Participation in international, domestic and EU-level projects contributes to the thorough management of legislation and developments in the field.

Global technology leaders as partners

In addition to the professionalism brought by the projects, we rely on the high-quality systems provided by the world’s technology leaders. We are constantly working with IBM, Microsoft and Cisco, for example. As a customer, you benefit from the know-how and network of leading companies.

Our services have the most important international certifications, which tell us about the quality of people, processes and solutions. Regular and independent audits of certificates ensure that our operations continue to comply with them:

  • ISO 9001 quality management certificate
  • ISO 27001 certificate for information security management systems
  • 20000-1 Service Management Systems Certificate

Our services are compliant with the latest regulations and laws, such as the GDPR.

Customer-specific situation assessment and implementation

Our customers are different, as are their needs. So we will first make an assessment of your situation in your organization. Based on the situation assessment, we tailor a set of cyber security services that promotes the cyber wellness of your company and the uninterrupted continuation of your business.

Our services include:

  • Cybersecurity management tools
  • Cyber security mapping
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)
  • Ensuring scalability
  • Layered protection
  • Log management

Continuity Mapping

Netox Continuity Mapping provides visibility into the security of your business and the state of your IT environment

The survey will be carried out with the help of interviews and existing documentation and will take approximately 1-2 days depending on the extent of the environment. Based on the information gathered, our experts will compile a comprehensive report, tailored to your company, containing a summary of the overall state of the environment, proposals for the necessary measures and development proposals for the future. The survey also includes a meeting facilitated by our expert, where the content of the report is reviewed together.

The work we have carried out includes

  • IT and security surveys in connection with corporate reorganizations
  • ISO 27000-1 standard readiness assessments
  • Surveys in connection with development and strategy work
  • IT and security surveys in the event of a change of service provider or staff.

Proactive identification of systems, environments and their vulnerabilities that are essential for business continuity has brought clear benefits to our customers, e.g. Through identified cost savings, operational efficiencies, reduced risks and improved responsiveness.

Security Operations Center

NETOX SOC monitors the Client’s IT environment and responds to anomalies. The SOC Service gives you a holistic view of your IT environment and ensures that potential security threats are detected.

The SOC service is based on the centralized collection of log and event data in the SIEM system, which allows for a holistic view of the overall situation.

Security Operations Center

The technological basis of Netox’s SOC service is the market-leading IBM Qradar SIEM system, which utilizes artificial intelligence and is designed to provide visibility centrally to the security information of the entire organization.

The Netox SOC Service may also operate on top of any SIEM system using, in whole or in part, the Client’s existing technologies.

SOC service features

Security Operations Center responds to the challenges of a changing and complex IT environment. Our security team monitors your IT environment and responds to any incidents, determine their causes, and resolve any issues.

  • Collection and control of logs
  • Log analysis and monitoring
  • Alarm analysis and classification
  • Alarm rules tailored to the customer
  • CIRT function and informing the Customer in the event of an anomaly

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We discuss and evaluate with you what managed services would benefit you the most.

We discuss and evaluate with you what managed services would benefit you the most.

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