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Netox’s NIS2 consultation service offers expert help and guidance for organizations adapting to and complying with the EU’s new NIS2 directive. As digital services become increasingly crucial to society and the economy’s infrastructure, protecting these critical services from cyber threats is essential. Netox ensures that organizations not only identify potential cyber threats but also effectively manage the risks and impacts to their business.

The NIS2 directive imposes new, stricter requirements on companies and their management, emphasizing the importance and timeliness of cybersecurity and guiding corporate leaders to consider their cybersecurity responsibilities.

With Netox’s services, companies can meet these requirements and obtain a realistic view of their current situation and a concrete plan for preparing for cyber threats. Proper action is necessary to avoid the consequences of non-compliance with the directive.

Organizational responsibility

Organizational responsibility is a cornerstone of the NIS2 directive. With the new directive, business leaders must take central responsibility for managing cybersecurity risks, ensuring that their organization’s cybersecurity is appropriate relative to the level of risk.

Organizations must conduct regular awareness training for their staff to ensure they are aware of cyber threats and can respond appropriately. Additionally, as part of enhancing the organization’s maturity level, attention must be paid to supply chain security, regular audits, and systematic progress

Technological controls

The NIS2 directive emphasizes a strong technical defense strategy, starting with controlled access management to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to systems and information. Network segmentation and endpoint security play a crucial role in protecting against cyber threats. Regular vulnerability analyses, careful update management, encryption, data storage, and log management create a multi-layered security structure, enabling the combating of ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges. Controls relevant to cybersecurity must always be properly scaled to the organization’s requirements and risk level.

Operational responsibility

At the operational level, NIS2 requires clearly described processes for detecting, responding to, and recovering from security incidents. This is complemented by continuous security monitoring and information sharing, which not only aids in real-time threat detection but also promotes a collaborative defense stance across the industry.

Preparing for NIS2

Preparing for the NIS2 directive involves a comprehensive approach to cyber risk management, starting with the identification and assessment of all digital assets. These assets must be prioritized and protected with appropriate defense measures. Continuous monitoring and response planning are key in maintaining flexibility, while regular assessments ensure that protective measures evolve with the changing digital landscape and new threats.



Preparing for the NIS2 directive is an essential process requiring careful planning and implementation from companies and organizations. The following steps relate to the service that supports companies in this task.

Regulatory Compliance and Cybersecurity:
GDPR, NIS2, ISO27001, and other regulations set the foundation for compliance.
The NIS2 directive requires companies to be knowledgeable and compliant with these regulations to ensure cybersecurity regulation and compliance.

Develop an Action Plan:
Creating a cybersecurity strategy in accordance with the NIS2 directive.
Defining the objectives, goals, and commitment of the cybersecurity strategy.

Measurement, Reporting, and Monitoring:
Assessing and reporting on cybersecurity capabilities.
Producing an overview of cyber risks and monitoring them.

Training, Education, and Awareness Raising:
Improving employees’ cybersecurity awareness.
Awareness of phishing and implementing cybersecurity campaigns.

Cyber Risk Management:
Assessing information systems, processes, and resources.
Identifying deficiencies and defining areas for improvement.

Implement the Action Plan:
Developing an internal cyber risk classification.
Assessing and improving cyber risk maturity across different domains.

Continuous Improvement:
Ensuring the continuous development of cybersecurity measures.
Developing processes related to managing cybersecurity incidents.

Prepare for NIS2:
Prepare for the NIS2 directive by identifying and prioritizing your digital assets.
Create protective measures and response plans to manage cyber risks.

Tools and expertise

Based on these steps, the NIS2 service helps organizations create a unified and comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that supports compliance with the NIS2 directive and ensures the company’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to potential cyber threats. Training and raising awareness are key, as the staff’s ability to recognize and respond to cyber threats is a critical factor in managing cybersecurity risks. Technological controls and operational level responsibilities support a holistic approach to cybersecurity, enabling continuous improvement and compliance with regulations.

Netox’s NIS2 consultation provides the concrete tools and expertise for organizations to take a proactive stance in managing cybersecurity, prepare for, and adapt to the constantly changing cybersecurity environment in accordance with the NIS2 directive.

Our service helps clients promote cybersecurity culture, build sustainable protections, and ensure business continuity considering cyber threats.

Netox Packages

Netox offers three different service packages designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive view and readiness to meet the requirements of the NIS2 directive.

Cyberseucirty package 1 – NIS2 Familiarization

The package focuses on a comprehensive understanding of NIS2 cybersecurity risk management measures. It includes a half-day workshop on topics like risk analysis, information system security principles, incident management, business continuity, crisis management, supply chain security, network and information system security, cybersecurity basics, training, encryption techniques, personnel security, and other technical monitoring actions. Its benefits include a thorough understanding of NIS2 requirements and aligning them with the client’s environment and needs.

Price: 600€ (VAT 0%).

Cyberseucirty package 2 – NIS2 Preparation

The second package offers tools for identifying cyber threats and risks. It includes the assessment of assets and threats, risk evaluation, and the identification of NIS2 deficiencies. The goal of this half-day workshop is to develop an organization’s ability to identify factors threatening its business and to deepen the understanding of cyber risks and their identification.

Price: 600€ (VAT 0%).

Cyberseucirty package 3 – NIS2 Assesment

The third package is customizable and provides a comprehensive administrative and technical cybersecurity assessment. This service focuses on managing the risks in the client’s business and IT environment, offering a detailed description of the current state of cybersecurity, including a clear task list and recommendations for improvements. The cybersecurity assessment allows for the possibility to expand into a more extensive CyberSafe cybersecurity assessment.

Price: 5600€ (VAT 0%).

Value to your company

Strengthens the foundation of cyber security.

Helps meet EU requirements.

Improves cyber security awareness and capabilities in the organization.

The end result: A comprehensive and strategic approach to cyber security according to the NIS2 directive, improves capabilities and reduces risks.

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