Netox is committed to sustainable development

Ethical and legal business

Our values include sustainability, reliability and expertise. These values guide all our operations.

The principle of doing the right thing is part of our operations, both as a company and as individuals. This is how we earn the trust of our customers and partners. At the same time, we ensure that Netox is able to recruit capable workers.
Netox’s employees do not give or accept gifts, trips, entertainment or services that exceed normal hospitality or could directly or indirectly affect the recipient’s actions or decision-making.

As a company, we have demonstrated compliance with legislation, identified the environmental impacts of our operations and set targets for reducing our environmental impact. The corporate culture and staff of Netox are committed to continuous improvement. This is reflected in our values, policies and practices.

Sustainability, occupational health and safety and appreciation of personnel

We operate responsibly

Our employees are the foundation of our success. In business, we respect international human and labor rights.

We recruit, hire and employ professionals based on their expertise. We offer equal employment opportunities regardless of gender, nationality, religion, ethnic origin or other similar characteristics. We also expect our partners to comply with these principles.

We regularly carry out risk assessments based on ISO standards (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001) and develop occupational well-being and safety accordingly.

Environment and sustainable development

Our environmental responsibility as a provider of IT services is reflected in everything we do. The processes and services of Netox are designed to optimize the use of energy, natural resources and raw materials. We ensure, for example, responsible lifecycle management, reusing or recycling of end-of-life equipment, invest in energy efficiency and favor renewable energy.

Environment and sustainable development

In addition to these measures, we aim to steer our working environment and working methods in an increasingly green direction. The development and continuous improvement of sustainable operations requires environmentally conscious and committed personnel.

Promoting a carbon-neutral society

We are actively seeking to move to newer, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly solutions in network technologies. By developing our operations, we are able to provide sustainable digital services that enable our customers to operate in a more resource-wise and climate-friendly manner.

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, the use of mobile technologies can have up to ten times* the positive impact of the climate handprint and Netox’s digitalization services reduce the climate burden of customers’ operations.

We offer our customers efficient equipment recycling and repair services, as well as new, environmentally friendly equipment options. Through digitalization, our customers receive services that reduce negative climate impact.


Our operations are certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard. Netox prioritizes issues that we, as an IT operator, have the opportunity to influence with regard to environmental responsibility.

We offer our customers efficient equipment recycling and repair services, as well as new, more environmentally friendly equipment options. Functional digital tools make everyday life smoother for our customers and help reduce the negative climate impact of business by, for example, offering better remote working opportunities.

Promoting circular economy

We aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. We also commit to reusing or recycling all waste by 2030.

We strive to have a positive impact on the quantity of waste and the environment by promoting the reuse, repair and recycling of equipment in an efficient and appropriate way.

Data security and digital trust 24/7

We are committed to data security and data protection. We participate in national and international development projects in the field of data security. We have an ISO 27001 certified security management system for all of our operations.

We guarantee the reliability of data security and data protection towards our partners and authorities when we act as a party to their critical projects. We continuously assess the suitability of data security controls and security practices for our own and our customers’ needs.

We ensure that every employee has access to the information they need for their job. We also remember our confidentiality obligations; every Netox employee and partner working for Netox has an obligation to keep work matters confidential. We ensure the security awareness and competence of our employees through regular security training.


Data protection is important to our customers and employees, and we are committed to respecting and protecting their personal data. We process the personal data of our customers and employees in accordance with the law and our internal instructions.

Together against bullying!

Living and working with joy

Organized for the first time in 2017, the Emme Kiusaa anti-bullying campaign (previously known as Älä kiusaa) is designed to prevent bullying in schools, workplaces and other communities. The campaign was set up by the football club AC Oulu and its partners.

We are the main partner of AC Oulu. We are committed to working against bullying and promoting a better educational environment for young people. At the same time, we are committed to ensuring a safe recreational and working environment, open discussion, equality and common rules.