We enable the continuity and development of our customers’ business

The most trusted and valued partner

Creating Trust

Founded in 2004, Netox provides a unique combination of cybersecurity and IT by combining top expertise from international research, leading technology solutions, award winning customer support team and industry’s best practices with a strong focus on cybersecurity. Netox has offices in three different locations nationwide (Oulu, Tampere and Helsinki) and also acts as a trusted partner of both public and private sector.

Netox’s vision is to be the Customer’s most trusted and valued partner with a mission to enable and secure their Customer’s business continuity and help them to achieve and maintain both technical and operative edge in the digital world. Netox is committed to sustainable development with values that guide all Netox’s operations, including: sustainability, reliability and expertise.

Our values

Developing and competent
We want to learn and evolve so that we can continually improve our performance and retain the joy of doing and discovering.

Influental and responsible
We care about our operating environment, and with our expertise we create meaning and value for it.


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