Executive Board

Aarne Haaranen

Director, Service Production
040 746 4171

Tuulia Nissinen

Director, Customer Experience
040 153 4137

Markku Korkiakoski

Director, Cyber Security
040 660 5369

Riitta Candelin

0400 588 653

Niko Candelin

040 708 8053

Mikko Luhtaniemi

040 509 6530

Our business model is based on managed services. Our customers and partners have chosen us for our dedication to the trade.

To deliver what we promise, we have to be

1. A customer-oriented and reliable partner.

People form the heart of this company – whether they’re our employees, customers or partners. We always put people first whatever we do. No machine or system is more important than the people in our network. We will never make a promise we can’t keep; What we promise is what we’ll do.

2. A professional business is always developing

We are constantly learning and developing to become better with every project. Every week we aim to improve at least one thing. That’s our secret recipe for maintaining the joy of work and discovery.

Developing our technological expertise is just as important as improving all the other skills that are needed for providing excellent managed services.

3. Organised, impressive and responsible

Our managed services bring meaning and value to us and our customers.


solved cases


completed projects

99,3 %

solution rate in 2017

99,99 %

data centre service availability in 2017