Blastman Robotics

Blastman Robotics is the leading global supplier of industrial grit blasting robots, constantly creating real added value for their clients with innovative customised solutions. These combine efficiency, reliability, flexibility and a high level of security.

The company’s IT solutions are in the hands of Netox. “We first started using Netox’ services already in 2011, and we’ve been happy with that decision ever since,” stated Mika Rintala, the CEO.

“Netox is a reliable, easy and competent partner.” Rintala is particularly pleased with Netox’ proactive approach. “If any part of the system needs updating, Netox will contact us in advance, and we can figure out together how to proceed. We also appreciate how Netox is constantly developing their services. That way, we can be sure that we are always getting an up-to-date service at a competitive price,” Mika Rintala said.