The University of Oulu trusts Netox’s services

What does serving an organisation with over 4,000 employees in multiple sites require from an IT service provider? “Agility and…

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Netox and Unikie started from one thing which smoothly led to another, and countless ones to follow. Initially, these were…

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A new era requires new means. Lönnqvist describes how Mapvision needed broader shoulders and the right partner on the IT…

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Recently, a large-scale takeover of end-user services and an IT environment migration was carried out for personnel service company Seure…

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Coronaria Oy is one of the largest providers of health and wellbeing services in Finland. Its services include different social…

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Nainen ja lapsi taluttavat hevosta


With headquarters in Finland, Lamor Corporation is the global market leader in oil spill response and environmental solutions, with offices,…

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Lamor työntekijä

Conlog Group

Conlog Group is Finland’s leading developer, designer and manufacturer of specialty defence and security products, also renowned internationally. “Competent, efficient…

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The skiing resort Iso-Syöte Oy is the most attractive adventure centre in the region, constantly developed according to the vision…

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Ihmisiä laskettelemassa

Blastman Robotics

Blastman Robotics is the leading global supplier of industrial grit blasting robots, constantly creating real added value for their clients…

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Henkilö ohjaa Blastmanin robotiikkaa

Touhula Daycare services

The co-operation of Netox and a Finnish nation-wide daycare service Touhula is a perfect example of what a suitably sized…

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Haltian provides IOT / Internet of Things –solutions, has its own sensor products and develops smart solutions to a variety…

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Kuvassa elektronisia laitteita


From the very beginning, the smooth co-operation between Eilakaisla and Netox, which provides personnel solutions, has been enhanced by mutual…

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Iloisia ihmisiä juttelemassa toimistossa