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Advanced Cloud Security Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

In the ever-changing world of cloud technology, protecting assets and data is essential. Netox offers specialized Cloud Security Services to meet the complex needs of modern businesses. Our team of experienced experts is dedicated to providing top-quality services. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific cloud security requirements.


Netox specializes in the Microsoft cloud environment, providing comprehensive security that includes technical aspects as well as strategy and governance. Our consultation team is made up of highly skilled professionals with over a decade of experience in cloud environments and a deep understanding of cloud security. Our team has extensive expertise in cloud security across Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Entra ID. 

One of the team members is recognized with the Microsoft Security MVP award.

At the heart of our offerings, we've segmented our services into four pivotal categories, each addressing a unique aspect of cloud security:


These sessions are designed for organization using Microsoft’s security ecosystem and focus on increasing the adoption of security solutions, and delivering high value at optimized costs. Specific workshops cover topics such as SIEM plus XDR, Defender for Cloud in Multi-Cloud Environments, and Securing Identities & Access Management.


Security Assessments

With an emphasis on comprehensive analysis, this segment evaluates the current security posture of cloud environments. Leveraging standardized fee structures, Netox offers assessments for platforms like M365, Microsoft Entra ID, and Azure.

Netox offers a thorough assessment of Microsoft cloud solution security. This assessment is essential for businesses that increasingly rely on digitalization and cloud services. It addresses growing challenges, such as unclear cloud security statuses and threats that pose significant risks to essential business data. By leveraging Microsoft, and industry-wide best practices, we offer detailed insights into your security standing, pinpointing risks and their severity levels.

Netox specializes in conducting security assessments for various Microsoft Cloud services. The Azure platform is examined for individual resources and resource types, ensuring alignment with known best practices and hardening guidelines. Similarly, Microsoft Entra ID assessments focus on tenant-level security controls and effective access management, typically included in the Azure platform or M365 assessments. Lastly, Microsoft 365 (M365) assessments delve into tenant security controls, ensuring they meet industry best practices and hardening standards.


Ensuring seamless integration and deployment of security services, Netox offers expertise in areas such as MDR/XDR Service deployments and Microsoft Sentinel migrations, all under a predictable fee model.

Delving into Microsoft Sentinel Deployments, our offerings encapsulate a robust baseline deployment, meticulously crafted following Netox’s benchmark best practices. Complementing this, we’ve embedded a foundational set of both analytics and automation rules, ensuring a well-rounded security infrastructure.

Switching gears to the Microsoft 365 Defender Deployments (XDR), our comprehensive project envelops baseline deployments for MDA, MDE, MDI, and MDO, all structured upon Netox’s trusted best practices. To enhance automation and streamline processes, a baseline set of automation rules is integral to this package. Plus, for those aiming for an elevated security stature, there are additional solutions at your disposal. Delve into Microsoft Entra ID Protection, Entra ID Privileged Identity Management, and the formidable Microsoft Defender for Cloud to fortify your defenses.

Cloud Security Advisory

Recognizing the importance of proactive measures, this advisory service is dedicated to strengthening cloud security postures early on. The aim is to empower organizations to adopt effective strategies that not only enhance their security but also avoid potentially costly modifications in the long run.

In today’s digital era, the shift to a “cloud first” approach is clear, with companies increasingly prioritizing cloud deployments. Despite the challenges this transition may introduce, it’s essential to tackle them with focused and effective strategies. Understanding current cloud security is a foundational step, ensuring not only that existing environments are protected but also that future deployments are planned with a robust security framework in mind.

We offer top-tier cloud security counsel tailored to a wide range of client requirements. Our advisory’s main objective is to enhance your cloud security posture and promote the adoption of best security practices right from the start. Through our services, we guide clients in fortifying their cloud infrastructures, enabling them to operate with confidence and ensuring that their data and operations are protected against potential threats.

Expertise and Insight at Every Step

We are specialized in Microsoft's cloud platforms

Complementing these services is the Netox Cloud Security Consultation Team – a cadre of seasoned professionals boasting rich experience in the realm of cloud security. Specializing in Microsoft cloud platforms like Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra ID, the team brings together a blend of strategic insights and technical acumen. Their expertise spans from one-off security assessments to ongoing posture management, ensuring that organizations receive tailored guidance on every step of their cloud journey.

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