Together we will succeed


Coronaria Hoitoketju Oy is one of the largest providers of health and wellbeing services in Finland. Its services include different social and healthcare services, home care services, rehabilitation and assisted living facilities for various client groups.
Business Manager Ilari Heikkinen wants Coronaria to be a reliable partner – and he expects the same from their suppliers. “Agile, motivated and service-oriented,” Heikkinen evaluated Netox. Heikkinen is particularly appreciates that once the IT services were transferred to Netox, the company has been able to focus on its core business operations, and it has really shown. “The customer experience is paramount in choosing an IT partner,” Heikkinen concluded.


With headquarters in Finland, Lamor Corporation is the global market leader in oil spill response and environmental solutions, with offices, stations and partners in strategic locations around the world.

Nico Larsen, the owner of the family company Lamor, knows what he wants from a provider of IT services. “Being systematic and proactive. Not just having machines up and running, but also a vision of the future,” Larsen lists. “Netox has offered us all of this and more. This company has been our active and flexible partner already since 2012.”


Conlog Group is Finland’s leading developer, designer and manufacturer of specialty defence and security products, also renowned internationally.

“Competent, efficient and secure,” Conlog’s project manager Petri Kaarre described Netox. A company active in the field of security must be able to rely on the cyber security and protection of their IT systems 100%. “Netox’ cyber security know-how has been very reassuring. I can sleep well at night, knowing that the company’s servers and work stations are safe,” Kaarre said. “We will continue working with Netox, developing our operations further.”


The skiing resort Iso-Syöte Oy is the most attractive adventure centre in the region, constantly developed according to the vision and know-how of entrepreneur Tarja Terentjeff. Terentjeff also has a clear view of IT-related issues.

“The specialists at Netox don’t just speak computers. The really know what entrepreneurs need, and are a true pillar of support,” Terentjeff said. She said that collaboration with Netox started with a comprehensive mapping of the IT environment and the pin-pointing of risks.

“After a convincing start, our collaboration expanded to cover all of our IT services. We’re pleasantly surprised with Netox employees’ entrepreneurial spirit and service-oriented attitude. This is a good place to continue from”, Terentjeff stated.

Blastman Robotics Oy

Blastman Robotics is the leading global supplier of industrial grit blasting robots, constantly creating real added value for their clients with innovative customised solutions. These combine efficiency, reliability, flexibility and a high level of security.

The company’s IT solutions are in the hands of Netox. “We first started using Netox’ services already in 2011, and we’ve been happy with that decision ever since,” stated Mika Rintala, the CEO. “Netox is a reliable, easy and competent partner.” Rintala is particularly pleased with Netox’ proactive approach. “If any part of the system needs updating, Netox will contact us in advance, and we can figure out together how to proceed. We also appreciate how Netox is constantly developing their services. That way, we can be sure that we are always getting an up-to-date service at a competitive price,” Mika Rintala said.