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Ensuring your digital journey is thoroughly secure

Navigating the intricate realms of cyberspace requires a resilient security posture that is not only robust but also continuously evolving with the digital landscape. At Netox, we prioritize not just cybersecurity but cyber resilience, ensuring your digital journey is thoroughly secure.

Security Assessments: Your Customized Cybersecurity Blueprint

The complexity of cyberspace can be compared to navigating through an uncharted territory. Netox Security Assessments transcend a generalized approach, acting as your precise cybersecurity map and offering an insightful, meticulous review of your security stance. Engaging with industry best practices, chosen frameworks, and our own refined methodologies, we provide you with a tailored, prioritized set of security findings.

Comprehensive and Tailored Cybersecurity Assessment

Engage in a profound cybersecurity strategy with Netox assessment, developed through detailed risk analysis and close examination of your IT environment. Customizable at an organizational or system level, Netox assessments and compliance reviews can probe various requirements including Netox CyberSafe, ISO 27001, TISAX, NIST, OWASP ASVS, NIS2 and EU GDPR, offering wide-ranging evaluation capabilities.

Generally involving several joint workshops with your key personnel—either on-site, virtual, or a hybrid of both—the data collection phase consists of client interviews, thorough surveys of business and IT environments, and a systematic investigation of information systems. Netox cybersecurity assessment is not merely an assessment; it’s your cybersecurity compass, diligently mapping the IT operating environment and existing security mechanisms, thereby formulating robust, actionable strategies to assure secure navigation through your digital terrain.

Data Protection Assessment: Fortifying Your Data Processing Protocols

Embark on a journey of robust data protection with our Data Protection Assessment, aligning your business with clear understanding of personal data processing and ensuring an exhaustive evaluation against the EU GDPR requirements. By carefully evaluating customer roles, legal bases for processing, data registers, documentation, and systems, this assessment provides actionable recommendations to enhance data processing procedures and shield against potential deficiencies.

Navigating Cybersecurity with Assurance

The objective of our security assessments is to critically review and analyze your security status, ensuring essential safety controls are not just present but also adhered to. Facing the challenges of increasing digital risks posed by prevalent cyber threats, our offerings support our customers to:

Gain Control

Understand and take charge of your security posture with assurance.

Reap Comprehensive Insights:

Know where you stand and receive a full view of your security, accompanied by detailed findings.

Mitigate Risks

Secure your critical business applications and data, mitigating cybersecurity risks in your environment.

Get Actionable Recommendations

Receive practical and impactful advice to enhance your cybersecurity risk management.

With assessments based on industry best practices and chosen frameworks producing prioritized security findings, we navigate you towards a cybersecurity posture that is and continues to be resilient against the evolving threats.

Awareness Training: A Strategic Approach to Cybersecurity Knowledge

In the contemporary digital landscape, the human factor plays a pivotal role in an organization’s overall cybersecurity efficacy. Netox Awareness Training, designed to augment information security awareness among teams, is a strategic initiative that intertwines actionable knowledge with practical application, establishing a sound cybersecurity culture within the operational matrix of your organization.

Employee and Management Trainings

The training sessions provided by Netox are characterized by their practicality and comprehensiveness, ensuring that employees and management alike gain a solid understanding of information security. Conducted either in person or via Teams and spanning approximately 1.5 hours, these sessions cover various facets of information security, including its fundamental principles, common threats, and practical tips, and rules, giving participants a pragmatic approach towards both proactive and reactive security postures.

Off-the-Shelf and Tailored Trainings

Netox offers a wide range of training modules, which can be either utilized as is (‘off-the-shelf’) or tailored to meet specific organizational needs. The training modules are designed to seamlessly integrate with your operational workflow, ensuring that the knowledge imparted is both theoretical and persistently accessible and applicable.

Data Protection Basics Training

Understanding and safeguarding data is critical in the current digital age. Netox provides focused training sessions, lasting between 1 and 2 hours, and delivered either in person or via Teams. These sessions aim to supply the participants with a comprehensive understanding of data protection, ensuring competency in safeguarding critical organizational data.

Secure Software Development Training

Netox’ secure software development training emphasizes embedding security and data protection within the software development lifecycle. The experts at Netox aim to elevate your software development practices by ensuring that security and data protection principles are integrated from the design phase through to deployment, operations, and disposal.

In Summary: Strengthening Cybersecurity through Enhanced Awareness

Netox Awareness Training provides a comprehensive approach to enhancing cybersecurity resilience by focusing on both knowledge enrichment and its practical application.

Situation and Needs: The increasing dependency on digital platforms and mechanisms necessitates a strong understanding of cybersecurity among organizational teams.

Service Value: Enhance the cybersecurity awareness and practical proficiency of your team, safeguarding every digital interaction within your operational scope.

Netox has created detailed modules and simulations to improve your team’s understanding of cybersecurity. This will help ensure that every action taken within your digital workspace is done with better awareness and skill. Through Netox Awareness Training, your organization will not only become more secure, but will also build a strong base of in-depth cybersecurity knowledge and practice.

the Netox Cybersecurity & Data Protection Advisory underscores a foundational assurance in your cybersecurity and data protection endeavors. It elucidates a pathway through the digital and regulatory mazes, ensuring that your operations are not merely compliant but exemplify a standard of cybersecurity that is both robust and forward-thinking. With our expert team by your side, rest assured that your business is shielded, compliant, and poised for secure operational prosperity.

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