Netox updates its cybersecurity strategy

Netox, which provides IT and cyber security services, has updated its strategy to better respond to growing cyber security threats. The company clarifies its focus on cyber security and, at the same time, ensures that both its own team and Customers understand the importance of strong cyber security. The company has also strengthened its cyber security services by hiring Sami Lamppu, who has received the Microsoft Security MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award.

Sami Lamppu, Lead architect, cloud & cybersecurity

According to Sakari Pihlhjerta, Vice President of Cyber Security at Netox Ltd, the new strategy means a significant change in the company’s approach to cyber security. Netox has always offered cyber security and IT services, but now the company has made cyber security a core element of its strategy. Pihlhjerta says that the company is refining its cyber security and IT team with even more comprehensive cyber security expertise. In addition, he would like to see the two central principles of the company’s strategy displayed on the wall of the board meeting room of every company: IT enables business and information security ensures business continuity.

Sakari Pihlhjerta, VP, cybersecurity

New Cloud Security Lead Sami Lamppu is responsible for the development of cloud security consulting services for Customers. He believes that a strong focus on cyber security is essential to protect businesses from increased cyber threats. When Lamppu was asked about the most important change, he brought up configurations related to strong authentication for end and main users (phishing resistance).

Therefore, Netox’s updated strategy emphasises the business-critical importance of cyber security in a world of growing threats. By investing in cyber security expertise, Netox wants to help its Customers protect their businesses from cyber threats.